Legal and general translations

Our specialised colleagues offer legal and general translation services, such as:

- Certified translation

- Apostille on documents issued either at Athens or at Heraklion

- Legal translation, including court documents (e.g. applications initiating proceedings, appeals, petitions, pleadings, testimonies, court decisions) and extrajudicial documents (e.g. contracts, statutes, powers of attorney, expert opinions, arbitration awards, notarial documents, applications before administrative authorities)

- Translation of administrative documents (e.g. criminal record copies, personal records and civil status documents, tax documents) language certificates, degree certificates, etc.

- Translated document certification from and into Greek

Language pairs: Greek to English – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish to Greek

Real estate property transactions, sale and purchase of companies

Our Firm has consistently been involved in negotiation and conclusion of real estate transactions of any type (offices, apartment and commercial buildings, shopping centres and agricultural plots of land), as well as in sale and purchase of companies, through assistance of external collaborating experts, land surveyors, civil engineers, notaries and economists.

Turnkey contracts

Our Firm has represented a great number of building plot owners and construction companies in turnkey contracts that have been drawn up under the ‘antiparochi’ scheme (a uniquely Greek arrangement, whereby the owner of a building plot is compensated with apartments in lieu of payment for the land that he/she relinquished to the contractor who builds an apartment building on it). Similarly, we have represented clients in construction contracts concerning housing complexes and business facilities, addressing not only legal but also substantial matters through the assistance of external collaborating experts, civil engineers and architects.

Business leases and tenancy agreements

Thanks to our legal support, our clients have concluded a plethora of tenancy agreements and commercial leases, as well as lettings of buildings for specific use such as hotels, industrial facilities etc.

Civil cases and incidental criminal cases

Our Firm primarily aims at resolving disputes by means of settlement. Our firm’s repute is the main reason for our significant achievements in this area. In the past decades, thanks to their specialist experience, our partners and associates have appeared and succeeded in a great number of proceedings, as well as in particularly serious cases, which have added to the case law of the national courts. We routinely deal with cases involving disputes arising from lettings, defective real estate transactions, fraudulent conveyances and debt collection.

Compensation for property expropriations or for implementation of urban planning

Our firm has been involved in manifold claims for damages arising from the implementation of urban planning or property expropriations in a number of places in Crete and at all stages of the procedure, from the determination of a provisional and definitive unit price and the identification of beneficiaries, to the recovery of compensation.

Other property related matters

Our Firm’s external collaborating experts have handled numerous matters related to taxation, urban planning, protected buildings, conversion of plot ratio, co-ownership disputes etc.

Labour and commercial disputes

In addition, our firm deals with disputes pertinent to labour and commercial law.